LED lighting inspiration

LED lighting inspiration

Posted 25th Jun 2015

Image: LED Hut Ltd

Lighting has a huge impact on the look and atmosphere of a room. Like the furniture you carefully source, or the accessories you agonise over, lighting should be part of any home-makeover.

LED lighting in particular offers you more choice as you can choose from different shades of light, styles of bulb and types of feature lighting. Now more than ever, professional and amateur interior designers are turning to LED, they’re economical too! You’ll see huge reductions in your energy bills (up to 90%) and they last 20 times-longer than halogen equivalents.
Here is some inspirational ways in which LED lighting can bring the rooms in your home to life.

Living Room

Pic 1

At the heart of every home is the living room, a place to relax, entertain and recharge. Lighting can play a big role in helping to create a welcoming atmosphere that’s suited to every occasion.

Chandeliers and wall lights are the main source of lighting in this room and to complement the traditional look, filament LED candle bulbs pay homage to vintage Edison bulbs. Placed in a chandelier or candelabra, filament LEDs add a touch of authenticity while producing a cosy atmosphere too.


Industrial LED

For the more industrial and rugged feel, they work just as effectively when simply left exposed or fitted in a hanging pendant lamp.

Decorative Lighti
Decorative lighting

LED lighting isn’t just restricted to bulbs either, as you can see, branch lights and LED wax candles add a chic twist to surroundings and can be the finishing touches that complete a look. The candles themselves have the added advantage of being safer and cleaner than the real thing. They’re made from real wax, while the LED ‘flame’ inside flickers for an authentic effect.

The Kitchen
Kitchen LED
The kitchen is the heart of any home and a hub of activity, whether you’re cooking, relaxing or dining, you need a versatile lighting scheme to reflect this. The beauty of LEDs is you have the choice of different shades of white light:

-Warm White creates a warm, cosy atmosphere
-Cool White casts of ‘bluer’ fresher glow that complements contemporary décor
-Daylight reflects the natural light of the great outdoors

Colour options give you the license to mix it up and tailor the lighting to your needs or to the style of the room. Open plan living areas in particular benefit from these colour options. For example, you could have warm white in the dining area and cool white in the kitchen.


 Strip Lighting
Strip LEDs
Speaking of versatility, LED strip lighting is an effective and creative way of adding feature lighting to a room. Strip lighting basically consists of a strip that has small LEDs attached to it. The beauty of strip lighting is that you can use it pretty much anywhere; under kitchen counters, cupboards, behind home entertainment systems, etc.

There are splash-proof and waterproof options, so you can use them in bathrooms, spa rooms, wet areas and alike. Handy plug and play kits give you the option to simply plug your strip into the mains, meaning everyone can easily install them. As with LED spotlights and bulbs you can choose from a number of light colour options, including multi-colour which you can control using a remote, making it perfect for home bars and games rooms.

The bedroom
Bedroom LEDs

The bedroom is a place to leave the day behind and relax. Opting for subtle and soft lighting is imperative to creating a tranquil and inviting environment. We advise going for warm white bulbs and spots as main lighting to achieve this.


You can wrap fairy lights around otherwise innocuous objects like headboards, vanity tables and drawers and instantly bring them to life and add mood lighting.
-They use up to 90% less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs that will save you hundreds on your bills.
-Straight replacements available - no electrician needed. Just pop in and switch on like you would with any bulb.

-All the different base fittings in your home available such as GU10, B22 & E27.
-Free of hazardous chemicals and environmentally friendly.
-Offer different shades and colours of light to give you even more flexibility.

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