How to make the industrial trend work in a family home

How to make the industrial trend work in a family home

Posted 25th Mar 2015

From exposed pipes and brickwork, to stainless steel surfaces and robust functional items, the industrial interiors trend is cool, edgy and a lot of fun to experiment with. If you love the style but think it might be too harsh in your family home, think again. Sarah Ritchie, creative director at The Gifted Few, explains how to make the industrial interiors trend work for you.





Pick a feature

Images of former industrial units and warehouses converted into living spaces, complete with unfinished looking walls and floors, can be great sources of inspiration for those who love the industrial look. In reality though, such spaces may not be all that practical in your family home.


As with any trend, you can get around this by introducing one or two items into your home. Lighting is a key feature of the industrial trend and is a great place to start. Have a look for industrial pendant lights, which you could hang over a dining room table, or experiment with filament lightbulbs and lamps in the living room or bedroom.



Industrial pendant lights


Old meets new

Industrial furniture and accessories are usually unfussy, tend to be one or two colours and have simple, strong lines. This makes them really easy to pair with other trends and styles, which will help to soften the look and add more of a homely feel to a family environment.


Try teaming metallic and stone furniture with more feminine vintage accessories, or experiment with different colours and textures borrowed from the boho trend for a more quirky, artistic feel.




Vintage Clock



Colour pop

The industrial interiors palette usually consists of neutrals, navy, dark emerald green and metallics, which all form great bases to bring other
 colours to life. Two options – pastels and bolds – work particularly well in the family home.


Pastels will add a soft warmth to the industrial look; a cool green or yellow may work well with a light and airy living room. Bright and bold colours will really pop against an industrial back drop. Neon kitchenware is fashionable right now – and a really fun way to kit out this family space.




Pastel Pendant


Natural materials

Plants – both fauna and flora – and natural woods are always an effective way to soften any interior trends that can be a bit harsh. Think about wooden furniture, decorative pieces or utensils that you can display against exposed brick walls or on industrial-looking tables.


When adding plants to a room, consider what you’re showing them off in; a metallic tub or old crate will add to the industrial look you’re trying to achieve. Also think about where natural and artificial light is in relation to the plants, as clever positioning can add further interest to a space through shadows.



Soft furnishings

Patterned and textured fabric is another easy way to introduce colour and soften the industrial look. From cushions and curtains, to rugs and beanbags, there are all sorts of functional items that you can play around with. You may even want to change some of our soft furnishings a couple of times throughout the year to reflect changing trends and seasons.



Wooden coffee table



Perfectly practical

The industrial trend is actually a very practical one to use in the family home; especially if you choose your items carefully. A large metal table can double up as a dining room table and a homework station, tall metallic bookshelves can house all the children’s books and toys, and stainless steel surfaces are easy to wipe clean after messy craft or baking sessions.


With so many different ways to experiment with the industrial look, there is sure to be a way to make it work in your family home. Introducing one or two key features from the trend and teaming these with other styles and colours is an easy – and affordable – way to make this trend work for you.





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