Top 4 furniture trends

Top 4 furniture trends

Posted 13th Mar 2015

Are you redecorating your home soon? The New Year is a great opportunity to give your home an interior makeover, whether it’s new wallpaper and flooring or stylish new furniture to bring it up to date. 2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for furniture and interior design. Some of 2013 and 2014’s biggest favourites – minimalistic bedroom furniture one of them – while classic looks from decades past are coming back into style.

Whether you’re decorating your living room, your bedroom or your dining room, it’s always helpful to know which styles are ascendant. We spoke to the interior design and furniture experts at AHF Furniture to get their opinion on 2015’s top styles.

 Simplicity and minimalism are the best choice for your bedroom


White Gloss Furniture

Furnishing your bedroom can be a chore. Should you go for a classic four-poster bed frame and match it with a classic chest of drawers and closet, or keep it simple with a minimalistic bed frame and equally simple furniture.

For 2015, simplicity remains the name of the game when it comes to choosing new furniture for your bedroom. AHF’s experts recommend simple, minimalistic white gloss furniture, as it’s one of the few choices that suits any type of home.

From bed frames with hidden storage to light, timeless and simple minimalist tables and chests of drawers, white gloss furniture is a safe choice for the bedroom. Pair it with wooden flooring for the light and simple Scandinavian look everyone loves.

 Floral patterned sofas – after a long absence – are back in

Floral sofa trend

Although minimalism is big in the bedroom, eye-catching patterns are becoming a favourite in the living room. Chief among 2015’s anticipated favourites is the floral patterned sofa, something we saw catch on in a style comeback late in 2014.

Floral prints went out of style for close to a decade, with buyers rushing to leather sofas or simple fabric upholstery. With people leaving the mid-century behind for more interesting designs, they’re rapidly catching back on.

Our tips are to keep it simple, avoid designs that are too intricate or complicated and pick a design that’s both classic and modern. With the right look, floral sofas are far from out of place even in an ultra-modern living room.

 Mega-versatile single-colour fabric sofas are a favourite

Single colour sofa

One of the biggest design trends of late 2014 has been flexibility. Minimalistic and simple bedroom furniture has remained a favourite because it’s so easy to change and customize, often with just a tin of paint and a few stencils.

In the living room, it’s single-colour fabric sofas that are rapidly catching on. After an entire decade dominated by stylish leather sofas, many shoppers are going for simple but stylish single-colour fabric sofas instead.

Fabric sofas offer a range of benefits, the biggest of which is their flexibility. Like white gloss bedroom furniture, they’re easy to customise to suit the look you’ve been looking for, often with little more than a simple upholstery modification.

 Oak furniture is 2015’s gold standard for the dining room


Oak Furniture

Choosing dining room furniture is often difficult. Do you risk going out of style too quickly by choosing cutting edge, ultra-modern furniture? Or do you stick with the simple, timeless and elegant and risk creating a room that’s already out of date?

One of our picks for 2015 is painted oak furniture – a choice that offers the style of modern furniture with the look of a classic, giving you a dining room that’s modern and eye-catching without losing its elegance.

From the sideboard to the dining table, oak looks wonderful in any dining room. As an easy wood to colour, it’s available in a wide range of different looks to suit almost any home’s interior colour scheme.



Is 2015 the year to redecorate your home?


Is your home in need of an interior redecoration? From flooring to furniture, there are hundreds of ways to redecorate and restyle your home. How will you decorate your dining room, bedroom, living room or kitchen in 2015?

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