5 best buys for people that are ALWAYS cold!

5 best buys for people that are ALWAYS cold!

Posted 6th Nov 2019

Get toasty this winter with these handy keep-warm gadgets…


We all know at least one person that is always cold. If you're being honest, it's probably you!

The leaves start turning and all of a sudden your hands and feet turn into living ice cubes that you can press against your partner's enviably warm body, much to their dismay – sound similar?

Well we've rounded up some of the best warm and cosy buys available on the High Street right now, to make sure you stay toasty all year round.

Whether you're in the office battling the communal thermostat, on the sofa at home, or even on the move, there are loads of handy gadgets which will help beat the cold weather this autumn and winter.

Take a look at our top picks and see which could help you keep the frost at bay this year!


1. Relaxwell faux fur heated throw, £99.99, Argos


This top buy is a triple threat. Not only is it a cosy throw, it's also made from ultra-warm faux fur AND it's heated!

With 6 heat settings to choose from, and an auto shut-off, you can use it on your bed for a toasty top-up, or use the warmest settings to defrost after a rainy winter walk.

Plus, there's no need to wait for it to heat up either, as this heated throw will be up to temperature in just five minutes, and it costs just 1p every three hours to run, making it ideal for reducing those energy bills.


2. Llama lap warmer, £19.99, Firebox


For all those times when you can't cuddle a real llama for warmth, there's the llama lap warmer!

Made from a super soft and fuzzy fur, this hottie can simply be popped in the microwave to heat up and keep you toasty for hours.

A safer option than traditional hot water bottles, it's perfect for keeping little ones toasty in bed, too.


3. Huggable sloth hand warmers, £9, Urban Outfitters


Perfect for those chilly people who are always on the go, these furry sloth handwarmers are a bargain buy at just £9 from Urban Outfitters.

Filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender, unlike other gel hand hotties you won't need to spend time boiling the gels to reset them. Simply pop the buckwheat pouches inside the microwave with a cup of water and heat them between 1 and 1 1/2 minutes, then keep them in your pockets to make sure your hands are always warm and toasty.


4. Microwavable rainbow neck warmer, £19.99, Prezzybox


If the cold weather starts to give you some aches and pains, reach for one of these super-long rainbow heated pads.

Long enough to wrap around your neck to keep out any draughts, it's great for arctic offices or helping soothe sore muscles after a heavy gym session.

Simply warm it up before you head out, then let the bright and bold rainbow cover keep it toasty for hours. 


5. Beurer cosy heated foot warmer, £39.99, Lakeland


This has got to be the ultimate desk-side accessory. 

Not only will the soft fleece lining keep your toes and feet super warm, it also features an electric heating setting, meaning you can amp up the heat and combat any frozen tootsies the bad weather might bring.

Simply use the sliding heat controller to pick one of three heat settings, then sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that this cosy foot warmer also has a automatic shut-off timer, which will turn the electric heater off after 90 minutes.


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