Create the perfect holiday home

Create the perfect holiday home

Posted 14th Aug 2013

Putting a personal stamp on your property is a key part of making a house a home, but for those looking to holiday let, creating a neutral yet comfortable look is often a tricky task.


First impressions count when trying to let out a holiday home as viewers only have a selection of photos and a brief description to capture their attention.


Self-catering holiday specialists, The Hoseasons Group, has been working with interior design guru Gabrielle Blackman, from DIY SOS, to provide the best advice, for varying budgets, to create a home that everyone will want to stay in:


Budget: £100

Solution: Accessorize


Brighten up your look with splashes of colour using cushions, throws and art. Using bright colours can really add a sense of character and bring a room to life.


Art is vitally important to add colour and individuality to your home. The key to choosing art for rental is to think about your property and its unique selling proposition - are you by the sea? In a historical location? In the countryside or an urban location? What age is the property? Is it new or old? Choosing art that will reflect all these things could reinforce the decision to holiday in that area. For example, using seascapes, maps, vintage photography, local crafts and artwork can give your property character without imposing a personality on it.


Budget: £250

Solution: Paint


A freshly painted home is always hugely appealing. You can make your home feel brand new with some stunning new shades. This is also a great time to clear the room, de-clutter, and have a rethink about the furniture layout.


In terms of colours, you should always choose something which is right for your property and interior scheme but pale greys, soft blues and chalky whites are good neutral colours.


Budget: £500.

Solution: Groundwork


Depending on the size of your room, you could fit a new floor for this budget. Investigate some of the engineered wood options that are on the market at the moment – these comprise of a thin top layer of real wood stabilised by a board base layer.


Engineered wood is quick and easy to lay, like a laminate, but the real timber top layer looks like a solid wood floor. Remember you should always get a sample of any floor before you lay in your home, as it is a significant investment both in terms of budget and look.


Budget: £1000

Solution: Cook it up in the kitchen


For this budget you could restyle your kitchen by simply replacing your tired kitchen worktops and add a new sink and taps. Paler worktops are in fashion at the moment and there are some great stone substitutes currently on the market and for smaller budgets, laminates are seriously upping their game. A gleaming pale worktop will reflect light and immediately update an old kitchen.


Before buying any new worktops online, order a sample first, to ensure you are happy with the finish.


Five tips for creating the perfect holiday home


1. Comfort and quality will appeal to people of all ages so invest in fixtures and fittings which will make an impression.


2. Classic looks such as a good quality wood floor, oak is a good example, is incredibly hard-wearing and will appeal to everyone.


3. Go for natural linen upholstery, you can use this as a blank canvas which can be endlessly restyled and updated.


4. Minimalism is wonderful, clean and calming and fortunately for a holiday home, where personal possessions are limited, a tidy home with clean lines is easy to achieve. Complemented by calm colour pallet, it will also never go out of fashion!


5. Classic white kitchens and bathrooms can be styled to suit all ages and tastes.


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