True as steel - Crittall's HomeLightPlus Enhanced Steel Windows

True as steel - Crittall's HomeLightPlus Enhanced Steel Windows

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Crittall, the pioneers of steel frame window manufacture for almost 200 years, says its advanced, steel framed window called HomelightPlus, ticks all the boxes for 21st Century window technology, style, energy savings, performance, security…

Windows are the 'eyes of the home'

Their style and material used have a dramatic impact on the look – personality - of your home. It can even affect its value. But, how too often have you seen in your own street the appearance of houses irrevocably spoiled by an inappropriate window design, material, or colour?

It’s important that the windows chosen match the style of the home. Installed appropriately, quality steel windows can enhance a property. It’s not worth spoiling the look of a property for the sake of a cheap installation.

Factors like energy savings and security are important considerations too when deciding which windows are best for your home. 

Image: Panoramic Windows

You can significantly save on costly energy bills by choosing high quality, well designed, stylish steel windows.


Look to the newest in window frame development

For example, Crittall’s HomelightPlus residential windows tick all the boxes.

It’s the 21st Century enhanced version of the company’s successful Homelight steel window first made during the 1920s.

It brings new-look styling and window profiling, plus higher energy-savings, performance, and enhanced security.

Whether it’s for a ‘two-up/two-down’, minimalist luxury apartment, self-build project, restoration, renovation, extension or replacement, it’s an authentic ‘like for like’ steel window. With its double weather seals to keep you cosy, the windows offer significant energy savings, with thermal efficiency to meet Part L compliance.  Fixed, top or side hung options are available with hardware designed for heritage or contemporary schemes.

While peace-of-mind is reassured through a robust, security multi-point locking option so the window is especially secure.

For year-round comfort, this modern steel window features high performance double glazing that retains heat during cold winters and controls heat during the summer, whilst generally reducing noise levels.                                                               

While its slim ‘timeless’ frame and sight-lines, and graceful elegance, present a light delicate feel inside and out, creating a welcome sense of airiness and space. The window’s design incorporates larger areas of glass than any other window of a similar size to maximise daylight.

Quality-made, galvanised steel window like this will last 60+ years

They are competitively priced, economical to maintain in the long-term and virtually maintenance-free.

The window is available through Crittall’s network of local Crittall Specialist Partners in a choice of styles (including true divided glazing bar options), and in any colour, plus a dual colour option.

Image: Liam Garwood - Davonport Kitchens

The steel window frames can match – or contrast with – your interior décor. For example, complementing on-trend Crittall InnerVision stainless steel sliding doors and interior screens to give open plan living a different dimension, so you can partition open areas to create contemporary ‘zones’ – without impacting on light or space

Crittall makes the original, genuine iconic steel window so it is important to ensure you install the brand it says it is. Crittall windows are only available through its specialist network partners.


Every iconic Crittall window, door and screen is tailored for each unique application, which is reinforced as an authentic Crittall product by the addition of a manufactured plaque - factory applied into the web of all opening windows and doors.

Image: Panoramic Windows

Alongside the plaque, Crittall’s nationwide network of Crittall Specialist Partners – suppliers and installers of each Crittall product – provide a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Crittall’s managing director and network partner for all new installations.

More Crittall Windows/HomelightPlus/local Crittall Specialist Partners info

Visit; t: 01376 530800; e:

Crittall and HomelightPlus are both registered trademarks.

Crittall is the original manufacturer of high-performance slim-line steel windows – a pioneer of steel frame window manufacture for for almost 200 years. The company is renowned for its vision, innovation and solutions-led focus.

Lead image left: Panoramic Windows

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