Dealing with 10 of the summer's most common stains

Dealing with 10 of the summer's most common stains

Posted 12th Jun 2019

Make sure you keep on top of any potential spillages this summer by following this handy guide!

Whether it's a stain that's caused by sun cream or from your ice lolly melting on you, there are many potential hazards to be looking out for.

These tips from Dr. Beckmann will help you to deal with some of the more common stains you could encounter this summer...

1. Wine

A wine stain may look awful, but if you try flushing the area with soda water, you could find a way around it. The bubbles help to agitate the stain away from the fabric.

2. Fruit juice

The secret here is to keep the stain moist. So long as you do that, you should be able to get rid of most juice stains. If it's a dark fruit, pop it on a hot wash or soak it in vinegar to deal with it.

3. Grass

Begin by removing any excess grass or dirt from the area. However, make sure you don't inadvertently make the stain worse. If it's a particularly hardy grass stain, it will benefit from pre-soaking the area with a mix of spirit vinegar and two parts warm water for around 30 minutes.

4. Watermelon

It's the perfectly refreshing summer snack, but if it's not treated quickly, watermelon can leave a permanent stain. Simply blot the stained fabric with a damp cloth, before preparing it for wash. A detergent that contains a lot of enzymes will be able to break apart the stain. If it remains, do not dry the fabric - you can simply hand wash it in warm water and oxygen based bleach, allowing the air to dry.

5. Egg yolk

A common spill from a summertime snack will be egg yolk. Use it to carefully scrape off the excess egg, before soaking the garment for around half an hour in cold water - this serves to soften the stain.

6. Iced coffee

It's a brilliantly refreshing way to enjoy a caffeine kick on a hot day, but having a combination of coffee and milk can prove tough to get rid of. Keep some wet wipes on you to remove as much of the stain as possible.

7. Avocado

Ah, avocado - the star of any alfresco brunch! If you're unfortunate enough to drop a bit on yourself, you need to work quickly - it can be nearly impossible to remove if it dries. Rub it gently with liquid laundry detergent.

8. Ice Lollies

The natural juices can be lifted by soaking in water - nice and simple! However, if it's artificial colourings, try squeezing some lemon juice on it - the acid can play a part in breaking down the colouring.

9. Sun cream

It's an oily substance that is a summer essential, yet it can be a nightmare to get rid of from your clothes. The best bet will be using a stain remover - this can cut through and lift the oils within the sun cream with ease.

10. Ketchup

It's a common barbecue stain which needs treating ASAP. Clear the excess from the area, making sure you avoid spreading the mark. If you gently rub the washing-up liquid into the area, prior to rinsing with cold water.

Commenting on the potential summer spillages, Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermor, said: "Warm weather can be a tough time for clothes, keeping them clean can be a difficult task especially for children.  Summer stains can be tricky to get out but with some elbow grease and patience they should be easy to tackle. Summer should be spent outside having safe armed with the knowledge of what to do should a clothing disaster strike!"

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