Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes reveal what it's REALLY like to work together

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes reveal what it's REALLY like to work together

Posted 15th May

This Morning is going live at the NEC this weekend, so we find out what Ruth and Eamonn have got in store… 

From birthday celebrations to Ruth's bread board rules, we speak to this iconic daytime duo ahead of their appearance at This Morning Live from 16th - 19th May, and find out the secret to working with your partner, and why it isn't too late to get your ticket to the hottest television show around!


Lots of celebrations for you both this year! How did you spend your big birthday weekend, Ruth?

Ruth: “Eamonn and I went out on Friday and had a date day. We went for a lovely lunch after This Morning then went to the theatre to see the Tina the musical, which was really good!"

"On the Saturday I went to see my family and had a girls’ family lunch with my mum, sister and niece. Then on Sunday, Eamonn, Jack and I went to lunch and then to the cinema to see Fisherman’s Friend, which Eamonn and I have a small cameo part in. It’s quite bizarre being in the cinema and seeing yourself on the screen!”


You’ve been working together for over 10 years now, and you’ll be working together on This Morning Live this May, what’s the secret to working with your other half?

Eamonn: “I don’t know if we’ve got a secret, we just do it and be ourselves. There’s no doubt that it is a genuine relationship – there is no falseness between us. The only falseness there could be is if we’re sometimes pretending we’re getting on when we’re not. Every double act on television is fabricated to some extent and isn’t what it seems. But I suppose we’ve blurred the lines between reality and performance.”

Ruth: “I think that’s what people respond to. The biggest comments we have are people saying ‘You’re so like me and my husband’ and ‘I love it when you both banter’. I think it resonates with our viewers. In every relationship people bicker and if you think about what your rows are actually about, they’re usually about stupid stuff like taking the bins out. Eamonn and I don’t really argue about the big stuff, we’re pretty tight on that.”

Eamonn: “I don’t argue on anything. It’s you that argues about things like butter. Why is it important that the butter is out of the fridge?”

Ruth: “So it melts a bit.”

Eamonn: “Why is it important that there aren’t crumbs on the bread board. That’s what bread board is for!”

Ruth: “Because you put the crumby knife back into the butter, eurgh! But I think we have a very healthy respect for each other as broadcasters. There’s an unspoken telepathy between us in interviews. I don’t need to ask him what he’s going to ask, we just know.”


And will viewers see that in person at This Morning Live?

Eamonn: “Absolutely. The idea is that [at the show] we will recreate This Morning as people know it, around three times a day, so people can really get up close and personal. A lot of it is about being able to interact with the viewers and the viewers interacting with you. It’s like a 3D immersion – they can ask us questions, have selfies taken, shake your hand, which is really nice.”

Ruth: “As we stepped out on the stage for the first time it was really overwhelming. To see the response we got from viewers and how many people had travelled to be there, it was really lovely. When I’m doing the show I often think about what our viewers are doing while they are watching us. It’s a comfortable show that’s been around for so long, so it’s nice to actually meet people and see what they like, what they’d like to see more of.”


Eamonn, we hear you’re a fan of home decorating! Have you got any decorating plans lined up?

Eamonn: “Let’s be accurate about this. I’m a fan of interior design, which is a different thing. I’m not going to be up the ladder hanging wallpaper – I wish I could have the skills that my father, mother and brothers have but I just don’t. I think I have a good eye for decoration and I’d like to be quite adventurous in what I’d do, but I’m only held back by…”

Ruth: “…my good taste. Greige [grey and beige] is the way forward.”

Eamonn: Ruth is a beige person. Ruth does not do big strokes. Truthfully, I am relatively bling with my decor.”

Ruth: “Yes, a lot more bling than me. Eamonn is very interested in decorating, so it’s another area in our lives where we have to compromise.”

Eamonn: “You don’t know what you want.”

Ruth: “I know exactly what I want. One hundred per cent.”

Eamonn: “We need a new landing carpet. We need carpet done everywhere. We need colour in the hallway.”

Ruth: “And the painting I wanted for the hallway you’ve now stolen and put in your sitting room.”

Eamonn: “Correct, because it’s my painting.”

Ruth: “It’s not your painting. It’s our painting.”


What’s the maddest thing you’ve both done for television?

Ruth: “I did a series down in the West Country called Brief Encounters, which was a show about people’s interesting, and sometimes slightly bizarre, hobbies and pastimes. For that I did a loop-the-loop in a Gipsy Moth, and I hate flying, and I did underwater hockey. When there’s a camera pointed at me I suddenly find myself doing all these odd things! But that’s part of the job that I love – no two days are the same.”


What about you Eamonn?

Eamonn: “I haven’t really done anything like that…”

Ruth: “No, you’re very dull. You dress up as Elvis quite a lot.”

Eamonn: “And that’s just at home!”


Tickets to see Ruth and Eamonn at This Morning Live, in the NEC Birmingham, are still available both online and on the door.

Priced from £27.50, if you want a chance to meet the This Morning Team in person, head to

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