7 easy steps to help save the bees!

7 easy steps to help save the bees!

Posted 25th Apr 2019

Boost the bee population with these simple steps…

With reports coming in showing that the bee population has declined by a third over the past decade, it's time to take action in your garden and help save these vital insects! 

It doesn't have to be a complex affair though. According to research by outdoor experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk, there are the seven simple steps you can take to help the bee population in your garden. Why not try some this weekend?



1. Picking plants

Certain plants are much more likely to attract bees to the garden, so do some research before you plant to find the perfect match.

Lavender, oregano and basil all produce lots of nectar and will be covered in happy, hungry bees. To find a full list of pollinator plants, click here.


2. Avoid pesticides

The majority of garden insects are not harmful, and pesticides can be incredibly harmful to the wildlife – some will even remain embedded into the soil, affecting other wildlife in the long term!

Green-fingered Brits should always be wary of using these toxins, even for casual use. For more information on garden pesticides and natural gardening practises which can replace the need for pesticides, click here.


3. Choosing honey

Purchasing raw, locally-made honey from a nearby bee keeper is a great way to boost the bee population. This way you can check the conditions where the honey is made, ensure it is ethical, and contribute towards the good work that bee keepers do to preserve the population.


4. Do not weed

Weeds can be a nuisance, however they do serve a purpose. Plants, such as dandelions, are a brilliant source of food for bees, especially in early spring as there is only a limited range of sources available.


5. Quenching thirst

Even those with limited space can do their part by installing a small water basin for bees to quench their thirst during the height of summer. Just remember to add a couple of stones and floating objects, such as a cork, so the bees don’t drown.


6. Keeping the bees

For Brits who really want to invest in saving bees, they could look at picking up a new hobby – bee keeping! Do plenty of research and ensure preparation is done beforehand – you can find out more about that here. Give bees a home and produce organic and locally made honey for all to enjoy.

7. Adopt a hive

If you want to help the bees, but don't have the room or the time for a bee hive, then why not adopt a hive? There are lots of different schemes all over the UK which allow you to donate money to a hive in return for products created by your very own bees!

Find out more here

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