10 unusual ways to help your grass grow

10 unusual ways to help your grass grow

Posted 10th Apr 2019

As we come up to the summer months, having a beautiful green lawn will play a significant part in creating a relaxing outdoor area.

So, now that the worst of the weather is (hopefully) over, what can we do to help our grass grow? Well, the garden experts at BillyOh.com have compiled a list of 10 of the most unusual things you can do try that will help your grass grow...

1. Garlic

A great way to ensure you get a smooth surface is to spread cloves of garlic over your grass. This will help to ward off parasites that could destroy the roots.

2. Heat lamps

You can't solely rely on artificial light to grow your grass, but if you closely target a heat lamp or two at a worn area of lawn, it could give it the help it needs. These grow lights are able to heat up the soil, replicating warmer conditions too.

3. Stiletto shoes

Yes - stiletto heels can play a part here!

If the grass is too thick, nutrients and water will not be able to penetrate through to the roots - however, you can get around this by poking holes into the lawn.

That's where stiletto heels come in - they're a great way of improving the aeration of your lawn and help it to prosper too.

4. Vinegar

There's no need to buy chemicals to deal with the weeds on your lawn. Instead, pour apple cider vinegar on them. The acetic acid in this prevents weeds from growing without causing any damage to the soil and has the additional benefit of warding off small pests like ants.

5. Test tube

If you're particularly green-fingered, you could always test the pH levels of your soil. This helps gardeners to neutralise the excessively alkaline or acidic lawns as it can accurately tailor the nutrients that gets given to grass, improving its growth prospects in the process.

6. Pennies

An effective fungicide is actually 1p and 2p coins. With both containing copper, they can play a pivotal role in ensuring your backyard doesn't get overrun with infection.

Burying a few pennies beneath the lawn will let the metal start to leave from them. This will eradicate the fungal spores and gives you a much healthier lawn for years to come.

7. Grass

Yes, grass can actually help grass to grow! When you mow the lawn, don't bag up the clippings - instead, leave them on the grass. This will allow the nutrients that are stored in the stems to be recycled, in the process fertilising the lawn and reducing water requirements.

If you feel especially daring, you could even create a grass clipping tea. To create this brew, let it sit around for a week, before using it to water the lawn with nitrogen 'tea'.

8. Human urine

Yep, we know - this one is a curve ball. However, the nitrogen in urine is a great grass fertiliser that encourages growth when it gets directly applied.

Make sure you thoroughly dilute it though - this is necessary to reduce the acidity and sale levels. You want to have a solution of ten parts water, one part pee.

9. Rusty nails

The photosynthesis process is crucial for grass, playing a part in generating energy for growth. For this, grass needs chlorophyll, which is where iron comes in - it helps the grass to produce it.

A way to make sure there's no deficiency will be to throw some rusty old nails into a watering can - this will give you an iron rich solution to water the grass with.

10. Aspirin

Every fortnight, you will want to dissolve a couple of aspirin into a jug of water and then spray it over the lawn. This will ensure your lawn has some additional resistance to any bacteria and insect infestations. However, take care not to overdose - this could end up damaging the plants.

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