5 tips to remember when spring cleaning your blinds

5 tips to remember when spring cleaning your blinds

Posted 26th Mar 2019

With spring upon us, the big clean is in full flow

However, you want to make sure you don't forget anything - for instance, the blinds.

It's easy to overlook them, but blinds tend to become dusty and stained, covered in dirt and grime - that's where these tips come in.

Blinds retailer 247 Blinds has compiled some pointers that reveal how you can keep yours looking their best this spring...

However, before we get to this, it's worth establishing exactly how often they need cleaning. Nayden Delchev, director at Cleaners of London, suggests: "Ideally, they need to be cleaned once a month as the dust that gathers can be harmful to ourselves and our families’ immune systems. If you live on a main road or have pets in the home, you should consider cleaning them on a weekly or fortnightly basis due to smears and extra dust."

In short, if you want to maintain your blinds and set them up for a long life, a regular clean is a must. Remember this when you're choosing them - after all, some types are easier to clean than others.

For instance, roman blinds are ideal for receiving a quick clean, while roller blinds gather less dust thanks to their vertical surface. You should be able to get away with a soft dusting or gentle vacuum to keep them looking spick and span.

Now, Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds, has revealed his top tips to help you get on top of your bedraggled blinds...

You will need

- Feather duster
- Odd / old sock
- Vacuum cleaner
- Damp towel
- Bathtub

1. Dust away

The feather duster is a cleaning staple, proving invaluable when attempting to reach any dust-drenched spots. To use it, simply start at the top and keep the surface flat. Then move the duster along the surface, as you work down to get rid of the dirt.

2. Old socks

Recycling an old sock can become quickly become your best friend when you're carrying out household chores. Simply grasp the blind slat between finger and thumb, cover both sides of it, and put your sock on the other hand. Then, sweep your hand along the surface, removing dust in the process - take care though, as it’s a delicate process that could damage your blind if you’re too rough.

3. Vacuum time

If you have lint-laden blinds, giving it a brush with your vacuum's attachment provides a gentle solution. Whether it's aluminium or wooden, your blinds are sure to benefit from a soft nozzle, and by doing this, you maximise the chances of covering the whole blind, and subsequently minimising the danger of damage.

4. Damp cloth

A damp cloth could be the ultimate weapon here, particularly if you have grease-stained blinds. You will want to make sure it's microfiber and soaked in warm water, along with washing up liquid - it can then be applied to the tough-to-clean residue and wiped away. The only thing to consider - if they're wooden blinds, don't dampen them too much, as it prevents watermarks.

5. Stubborn stains

If you have persistent dirt on vinyl or aluminium blinds, it could be time to turn to the bathtub. You can give them a deep clean by placing them in warm water and washing up liquid and let them soak for around an hour before giving them a rinse and removing the excess dust and dirt with a cloth.

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