7 things you didn't know about spring…

7 things you didn't know about spring…

Posted 13th Mar 2019

You won't believe how much the UK spends on creme eggs…


Known for its warm breezes and beautiful blossoms, spring is one of the nation's favourite months, and it's just around the corner!

The clocks are set to go forward on Sunday, 31st March, meaning there are just 18 days left until the evenings get lighter and the weather gets warmer (hopefully!). But how much do you know actually know about the spring season?

We've teamed up with BillyOh to find out these seven facts, that we're pretty sure you didn't know, about the season of new beginnings…


1. It starts at different times

According to the Gregorian and meteorological calendars, spring starts on the 1st March every year and runs through until the 31st May.

But the astronomical calendar, which bases the seasons on the tilt of the Earth as it rotates around the sun, determines that spring in the northern hemisphere doesn’t start until the 20th March and carries on to 21st June.


2. It travels at 2mph

Using measures such as sightings of ladybirds, frogspawn and swallows, as well as the leafing of oaks and hawthorns, the pace spring takes to travel from the south coast of the UK northwards has been calculated to be two miles per hour!

This is quicker than past readings; during the first half of the 19th Century, spring travelled at just 1.2mph according to similar factors.


3. Everything smells stronger 

Humid, or warm, air holds more scent molecules, meaning spring scents can be more concentrated and your sense of smell can be more acute for everything from blossoming flora to farmers fertilising their fields!


4. It's more likely to snow in the spring than at Christmas

According to the MET Office, snow or sleet falls in the UK on an average of 4.2 days in March, compared to 3.9 days in December.


5. The term 'spring' is literal

The time around Lent was called the ‘springing time’ in Old English, in reference to plants springing up from the ground. It has since been shortened to ‘spring time’ and later ‘spring’ over the centuries, but only meant a source of water before around the 14th century.


6.There’s a formula to determine when Easter falls

The main spring festival, Easter, is celebrated on the Sunday that follows the first full moon after the start of spring.


7. The UK spends £70 million in Cadbury Creme Eggs every year

You read that right! According to Cadbury, the UK spends a whopping £70 million, on average, every year on these sweet treats. Plus we spend an additional £30 million on Cadbury Mini Eggs! 

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