The 10 things anyone trying to sell their home should try

The 10 things anyone trying to sell their home should try

Posted 12th February

With house sales dropping in 241 or 374 local authority areas during 2018, selling homes has never been more important.

However, before you start panicking, if you're thinking of selling your home, there are some clever tips you can try that could help you to attract perspective buyers...

A recent survey, carried out by Terry's Fabrics, looked into what it is that attracts UK buyers to a home, and what could help homeowners to get an easy sale.

For instance, 48 per cent want a home that is essentially a 'blank canvas' which they can project their own visions of a home onto.

It also found the kitchen will be a big room for potential buyers, with 51 per cent saying it's the area they're looking at.

So, with this in mind, it's time to change your room into a haven that buyers are unable to say no to...

1. Declutter

Leaving some personal touches out will create a nice homely feel - however, you should also aim for a minimalist approach at the same time. A cluttered bedroom has been found to knock up to £10,000 off a property's value.

2. Freshen up the paintwork

If your home has a neutral colour tone, it's more likely to attract a buyer as they can project their own style onto it. In fact, studies have found that picking the right colour could ultimately add thousands to your home's value.

3. Fix and clean everything

It's the small things that make a big impact. For instance, having signs of chips in the mouldings, hairline cracks and dusty surfaces will all have a drastic impact on someone’s impression of your property.

4. Brighten your space

Make sure your windows aren't obstructed and instead have been thoroughly cleaned. A great way to create a brighter room will be with mirrors – they help to open up a room and distribute the light around, so why not thing about adding some of these to the key rooms of your home?

5. Don't forget the exterior

After all, first impressions are crucial. Undertaking the basic landscaping, repainting and cleaning the entry doors will be important when you want to create a welcoming impression before anyone even sets foot in your home. In fact, working on your kerb appeal can raise your property's value by as much as £55,000.

6. Survey the scene

Regardless of how many times you've checked your home pre-sale, it's always likely that you will miss something. Therefore, avoid any potentially awkward conversations, should potential buyers spot them, by hiring a private surveyor who can check the property, and help you to address any issues as they are identified.

7. Pet hideout

Think about shipping your pets off to a friend or relative's when you have a viewing coming up, and with it, remove any signs and smells too. A recent survey of home buyers revealed that up to 40 per cent thought of pets as a deal breaker.

8. The kitchen hub

Is your home starting to look tired? Then maybe it's time to think about the steps you should take to remedy this. For instance, you could change your cabinet doors and give them a fresh coat of paint to give yourself a cost-effective way to create a fresh feeling in your home.

9. Bad smells

If you smoke indoors, it could lead to your property's value decreasing by up to 30 per cent. Therefore, make sure you air your rooms out. You could even take things a step further and incorporate some more positive smells, like fresh coffee and scented candles.

10. Professional viewings

You know your home better than anyone else, but when it comes down to it, you should let a professional carry out the viewing. Not only does it save potential buyers from the awkwardness of having to view the home with the owner there, but professionals will know what to say too.

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