The 28 things you should look out for when house hunting

The 28 things you should look out for when house hunting

Posted 11th February

It's hard to know what you should be looking out for when you're house hunting.

There are so many different things to think about, and as a result, it's easy to forget certain things. That's where the experts at RubberBond come in.

Realising how important checking everything can be, they have produced a handy guide of everything you could need to check, including internally, externally and within the surrounding area too. You can then simply refer to this any time you need to!

The exterior:

1) The roof - is it flat or pitched? Think about the age of it, along with whether there are any tiles missing.

2) The windows - are they double glazed? Can you see any signs of condensation and are there cracks in the frame?

3) Orientation - what way does the house face?

4) Cracks - are there any in the bricks, plaster or wood?

5) Extensions - is there any room for potential developments?

6) Parking - is there space for you to park on the garage, drive or roadside?

7) Weeds - make sure you look out for signs of the invasive Japanese Knot Weed.

The interior

1) The attic - is it easily accessed? Is there space, and can it be improved?

2) Power points - are they well situated and in a good condition?

3) Cracks - can you see any in the plaster?

4) Damp - are there any tell-tale signs of damp?

5) Phone service - can you get signal?

6) Safety - how do the locks work on the doors and windows?

7) Floors - are there unusual dips and signs of sagging?

8) What's included - does it come with a fridge or washing machine?

9) Plumbing - are the pipes insulated?

10) Storage space - is there enough room for everything?

11) Room size - will the rooms be big enough to give you space to grow?

The surrounding area

1) Are you under a flight path?

2) Are there any dilapidated buildings nearby?

3) Is there a local dump?

4) What are the crime rates like?

5) Is there a reputable school nearby?

6) Is there local transport around?

7) Trees - can they block the sunlight or views?

8) Are there any shops within walking distance?

9) Are there any building works or scaffolding?

10) Are there pubs, takeaways or bars nearby?

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