19 garden resolutions to follow this year

19 garden resolutions to follow this year

Posted 3rd Jan 2019

If 2019 is the year where you want to get on top of your garden, these could be the New Year's resolutions you need to try.

Researchers from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have come up with 19 resolutions that UK gardeners should be making this year if they want to ensure their backyards become both more enjoyable and productive...

1. Be organised

By keeping on top of your outdoor tasks each week and month, you prevent the to do list from piling up - always a daunting prospect. Be sure to lay firm foundations for the months ahead by coming up with – and sticking to - a plan of action.

2. Plant a crop

Why not make 2019 the year the garden feeds the family? Simply plant some tasty, nutritious homegrown fruit and vegetables. What you grow is completely up to you - it could be strawberries, parsnips, raspberries or potatoes - you get the idea.

3. Start composting

When you finish your meals, take any leftovers and suitable scraps from the kitchen to an appropriate location in the garden - this not only cuts food waste but also provides a nutritious natural fertiliser too.

4. Sort out your tools

The new year is a great time to get on top of your outdoor tools and equipment, whether they need cleaning, repairing, organising or replenishing.

5. Tidy up

Be sure to make a concerted effort to tidy your garden - it will look so much better! Regularly remove weeds, dead species or fallen leaves, while taking the chance to regularly trim the borders and the grass.

6. The scientific approach

Test the acidity (Ph) of your soil to help you decide on the plants that are most suited to the conditions - you can make amendments as necessary, based on the results.

7. Timber care

Make sure you treat the wooden decking, fences or sheds with some protective paint or varnish - this will help them through the year.

8. Nurture your seeds

Why not take the opportunity to take on one of the most rewarding parts of gardening, and nurture a plant from birth?

9. Natural remedies

Instead of using an environmentally damaging pesticide, purchase an organic pest solution and fertiliser, or alternatively, find the online recipes to make them at home.

10. Save the water

Savvy gardeners will toss their sink or bath water over the outdoor plants - the more prepared will even collect rainwater.

11. Plan the holidays

Don't let your outdoor plots be forgotten when you go on holiday - instead, ask a friend, relative or neighbour to pop in and tend to everything.

12. Winged welcome

Why not give birds a big welcome by leaving out specialist food or feeders, a water bath or bowl and appropriate shrubbery or bird boxes for them to shelter in?

13. Build an insect hotel

In a quiet corner of the garden, pile up your bricks, logs, rocks, twigs and leaves to give you a mini monument - this will become a habitat for all sorts of insects.

14. Feline fine

Deter your neighbours' cats from menacing your garden and turning the lawn into a toilet by placing obstacles such as pine cones and branches at various points of entry. You can also lay chicken wire beneath the mulch to make the ground rough or lay feline repelling smells around the borders (these include coffee granules or citrus peel).

15. Enjoy the garden

Maximise your enjoyment of the garden, be it by spending more time socialising and entertaining in it, or even just relaxing and taking in your surroundings.

16. Inspiration

Get out and see other gardens that could inspire you - this includes seeing your neighbours' outdoor areas, attending courses, visiting public or botanical gardens, or talking to your friends for tips and tricks - there's no need to be afraid to steal ideas from online research either.

17. Try something new

Whether you buy a relatively unknown species, add some bright colours or plant a tree which could provide some fruit, there will be a first time to try everything.

18. For the memories

Be proud of your hard work - take some photos and share them with the world.

19. Involve the family

Why not share your passion for planting with your partner or children? That way, you both lighten your workload and give them a new hobby too.

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