REVIEW: We try the hot sauces everyone is talking about…

REVIEW: We try the hot sauces everyone is talking about…

Posted 23rd Nov 2018

From the Amarillo hot sauce to its original recipe, we give our thoughts on Sauce Shop's range of fermented hot sauces…


Rooted in Nottingham, this saucy start up company specialises in aged fermented hot sauces in a range of fiery flavours. Fermented for three months, Sauce Shop's hot sauces are made from just three ingredients – chillies, salt, and white grape vinegar, to give a range of truly distinct flavours. 

Having already picked up six Great Taste Awards, we thought we'd see whether they live up to their reputation…


How we rated the heat:

To help you gauge how hot each sauce is, we've created a heat guide from 1 to 10.

1 = Very mild, e.g sweet chilli sauce

5 = Moderately hot, e.g Tobasco

10 = Very hot, e.g. Phaal Curry 


Buffalo Hot Sauce

Smell: Bitter and tangy

Taste: Very tangy, strong chilli flavour

Heat: 4

Suggested pairing: In sauces or with BBQ food

Overall Rating: 7/10

Though it may be a bit tangy for some people, we think this sauce excelled when mixed with mayonnaise, or in a BBQ marinade!


Amarillo Hot Sauce

Smell: Sweet and tangy

Taste: A sweet garlic-like flavour, not lingering. 

Heat: 3

Suggested pairing: Spicy chicken or meat marinades

Overall Rating: 8/10

This is a great sauce for people looking to get more adventurous. Though it has some heat, it doesn't linger on your palette like other chilli sauces can, and its sweet undertones make this a great all-round sauce. 


Original Hot Sauce

Smell: A faint and acidic raw chilli flavour

Taste: Sweet, a little bit watery, with a slight bitter aftertaste. 

Heat: 5

Suggested pairing: Stews, chilli con carne, or general dipping

Overall Rating: 4/10

This is a pretty standard hot sauce, but not overly flavourful. It would work well to add some heat to a stew or casserole, but on its own was a bit watery.


Habanero Hot Sauce

Smell: Fiery and sweet

Taste: Complex with sweet, bitter and tangy notes – iconic Habanero taste!

Heat: 9

Suggested pairing: A few drops on burgers and meats.

Overall Rating: 9/10

This sauce is not messing around. It packs a hell of a punch, but if you can get through the heat the taste is deliciously complex. It's definitely earned a place in our top ten favourite hot sauces!


Sauce Shop's fermented hot sauces are available to buy online for £3.50 at and in over 300 independent stores nationwide, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Wholefoods UK.

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