Can you guess the nation's favourite birthday cake?

Can you guess the nation's favourite birthday cake?

Posted 18th Oct 2018

If you were given the choice of having any type of birthday cake on your special day, what type would you go for?

It could be Chocolate, Victoria Sponge, Coffee and Walnut - the list of potential cakes goes on.

So, when it comes down to it, what actually is the most popular birthday cake of choice?

Well, a recent survey* has looked into just that, and revealed that we're traditionalists, with Chocolate Cake the most popular (19 per cent). Following hot on its heels are Victoria Sponge (15 per cent), Chocolate Fudge Cake (11 per cent), Coffee and Walnut Cake (nine per cent).

As the list went on, some more unusual options came to the fore - three per cent said Rainbow Cake was their preferred option, with the same amount saying Fairy Cakes, and some even went for the more exotic option of Vegetable Cake, which was made from beetroot, avocado or similar.

Yet despite this love of cake and the fact that millions will tune into Bake Off each week, 36 per cent are unable to name the five key ingredients of a Victoria Sponge (eggs, jam, icing sugar, butter and self-raising flour), and 44 per cent have never actually baked a cake from scratch before.

When it came down to it, one in five (21 per cent) lacked the confidence to bake, as they were worried with how their cake would turn out, along with a general fear that it wouldn't look good or taste nice, while 16 per cent lacked the time. However, the primary motivation for buying one proved to be the sheer ease of being able to get one from scratch, instead of the fuss of having to bake one.

It was also revealed that cakes are still a popular option for birthday celebrations, with 72 per cent saying they always celebrate a birthday with one. This rises to 79 per cent for those aged between 35 and 44, who consider it to be a staple of birthday celebrations.

Younger age groups are the ones most likely to bake a birthday cake from scratch, while surprisingly, those over 65 the ones least likely to have done so.

Claire Marriage, Founder of organic and gluten-free flour and food producer Doves Farm Foods, said: "The research confirms that we are a nation of cake lovers, but also that we have a real opportunity to embrace getting creative in the kitchen and free our inner bakers! It really needn’t be difficult or take too much time to make a cake, and with more recipes, videos and baking solutions than ever before, it’s never been easier to get baking. To us, nothing beats the satisfaction of surprising your loved ones with a personalised homemade cake - we want everyone to give it a go!"

The full list of the top ten Birthday Cakes are:

1. Chocolate Cake (19%)

2. Victoria Sponge (15%)

3. Chocolate Fudge Cake (11%)

4. Coffee and Walnut Cake (10%)

5. Fruit Cake (9%)

6. Carrot Cake (8%)

7. Lemon Drizzle Cake (7%)

8. Coffee Cake (6%)

9. Red Velvet (4%)

10. Fairy Cakes (3%)

*Survey conducted by Mortar Research 

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