11 ways to lower the cost of your heating bill this winter

11 ways to lower the cost of your heating bill this winter

Posted 16th Oct 2018

With winter creeping up on us, thermostats up and down the country will be turned up to combat the chill air.

With this in mind, the money saving team at PromotionalCodes.org.uk have compiled a list of tips that are sure to help you keep cash in your wallets as the weather begins to turn.

With fuelling the house viewed as one of the biggest expenses for UK families, according to the Office for National Statistics, it seems having some warming guidance to follow could be incredibly handy in the run-up to Christmas.

That's where these tips come in...

1. Reach for the thermostat

For every degree that you lower it, you could be saving several pounds each week. Experts recommend 18C to be the ambient level, as opposed to the more costly 20C or 25C.

2. Leave the oven door open

Having 200C air released into your kitchen will be an invaluable way to combat those cold winter evenings.

3. Jumper game

If you take off an extra layer as soon as you get home, you’re basically throwing money away - having more clothes on will mean you need the heating on less and before you know it, you'll be saving cold hard cash.

4. Tin foil

Cutting sheets of this to fit behind radiators will work wonders for the temperatures in your room. Tin foil reflects hot air back into the room, so it will drift away through cold walls.

5. Move furniture

Think about the layout of your room. If the radiator is blocked with a bulky piece of furniture, it traps the heat.

6. Draw your curtains

Don't let any hot air seep through the cold glass windows - instead, block its escape by drawing your curtains or blinds.

7. Draft-proof

Plug the little holes around the house to make a big difference to your heating bill. Gaffer tape can seal cracks in floors and walls, whilst you can block off the bottom of doors with old clothes, towels or a draft-excluder.

8. Hot water bottles

The old methods can be the best - using a traditional hot water bottle in bed can cause a significant reduction to your overnight heating bills.

9. Buy a rug

It sounds simple but walking around the house on a cold wooden or laminate floor will be far from ideal. Instead, try an insulated cotton rug.

10. Open doors

A lovely south facing room will get loads of direct sun light – it will naturally the warmest in the house. By leaving the door open, you allow the heated air to circulate around the house.

11. Close doors

Following hot on the heels of leaving doors open is advice to leave your door shut…yes, we know! However, it’s a good tip – by closing your living room and bedroom doors, you keep the warmth trapped inside.

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