How to create spooky no-carve pumpkins!

If you're worried about trying to control your little ones while they are carving the perfect pumpkin, this is an ideal alternative…


Halloween. Just thinking about it conjures up images of the never-ending battle to try and keep all ten of your child's fingers firmly on their hands while they wield a sharp blade. If you'd rather have a stress-free Halloween, then give our DIY Duct Tape pumpkins a go!


You'll need:

- Two pumpkins

- Sample pot of matt cream paint

- Sample pot of matt black paint

- Paintbrush

- Gold spray paint

- White paper

- Pencil

- Scissors

- 2 x black Duck Tape sheets

- Scalpel

- Craft mat



1. Purchase two pumpkins as normal from your supermarket or local farm.

2. Clean both thoroughly with soapy water and leave to completely dry.

3. Paint the pumpkins with a matt cream paint and allow to dry, then apply a second coat.

4. Paint the pumpkin stem with matt black paint. When the two coats are dry, then spray the black stem with gold paint for texture.

5. Draw out your designs onto white paper and then when you are happy with them cut them out and place them on the back of black Duck Tape sheets.

6. Cut the shapes out carefully using a scalpel and craft mat (make sure an adult does this).

7. Stick your shapes onto the pumpkins and place the finished items together, along with bunting and other props, for a truly stylish spooky display!

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