Five super-easy ways to boost your monthly income

Five super-easy ways to boost your monthly income

Posted 10th Oct 2018

Whether you're saving for a house, a car, or your ultimate dream holiday, take a look at our five secrets to increasing your savings account…


With the average house deposit for a property outside of London totting in at a hefty £26,224 last year, first-time buyers are searching high and low for new and easy ways to improve their bank balance. But search no more, because the Your Home team has partnered with LV= to bring you five top ways to save some much needed dollar!


1. Rent a look

Do you need the perfect dress for an awards evening, work event or wedding, but your bank balance won't stretch? Why not try renting a look?

Hire Street is a UK clothing rental service, specialising in High Street products. Stocking brands such as ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided and French Connection, you can grab yourself a fab outfit from just £7!

Simply reserve your item, keep it up to 10 days, then return it and you're done. You can even rent a £200 dress for just £25!


2. Join the food sharing revolution 

Food prices have been rising year on year, so it's time to start thinking outside the supermarket. 

There are a whole host of apps, a leader being Olio, which allow you to share, give and collect food for free and save you money off your weekly food shop!

Have you got a bag of salad that is going to expire soon? Moving house and need to clear out the fridge? Pop it on Olio and fellow app users will be able to see whether they would like use it. Not only will this save you money on your weekly food bill, it will also reduce food waste and have a positive impact on the environment.


3. Rent your parking space

If you have a driveway or parking space near a big event, offices or close to a transport link, you could be in for some serious cash!

Depending on where you live, you could earn up to £200 a month just for renting out a parking space on your driveway. Parking rental sites include Just Park and Your Parking Space.


4. Location, location, location

Hiring out your home as a location property could earn you up to £500 per day!

Everyone from photographers to film directors and magazine editors are looking for the perfect backdrop for whatever they’re shooting.

Well-known companies for this kind of renting include Location Works, 1st Option, and Light Locations.


5. Conquer the carpool 

Already hugely popular in countries such as France and Italy, carpooling is becoming more and more common in the UK too.

Simply carpooling your commute with other colleagues in your area could slash those transport bills!

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