11 hacks set to make drying clothes easier this autumn

11 hacks set to make drying clothes easier this autumn

Posted 25th Sep 2018

An incredibly handy part of summer was how it allowed us to dry our clothes in a quick way without having to turn to the tumble dryer.

However, now that the weather has started to get cooler, don't worry - there are still ways you can get around this without having to worry about switching on the tumble dryer, as the experts at PromotionalCodes.org.uk explain...

1. Use a clothes airer

When you're putting your clothes on the airer to dry, you should leave the small items at the bottom and the larger at the top. Make sure you take your time, and leave enough room so air can flow around them. Be sure to rotate your items too - this means everything will get the opportunity to dry.

2. Don't overfill the washing machine

If you overfill the machine, you'll end up having more clothes to dry - the upshot? It will take longer to dry.

3. Open a window

It's worth opening a window and letting the fresh air in, even on the coldest day. It increases the airflow around your home, allowing your clothes to dry faster.

4. Hang clothes

If you've washed dresses or shirts, place them on hangers instead of over an airer. They'll dry quicker this way and there will also be less creases, so they'll be easier to iron - win-win!

5. Wash and hang overnight

Get into the habit of doing your washing in the evening and hanging it overnight. This will mean fewer hours to put up with laundry hanging around your house.

6. Don't turn up the heating

Popping your clothes on a hot radiator will weaken the fibres, causing damage. It will also increase the humidity in the room, which can subsequently cause damp and mould problems.

7. Location

Despite the previous point, it's worth placing the airer near a source of heat. Putting them by a radiator, the boiler or a south facing room with lots of sunshine will be a good move here.

8. Use a ladder

If you're after a quirky way to dry your washing indoors - and have the room - hang a ladder from the ceiling. You can then peg your clothes straight to it.

9. Blast with a hairdryer

If you're in a rush and your pockets or sleeves aren't quite dry, try blasting them with a hairdryer. You will not need a high setting here - it's all about the air flow instead of heat.

10. Use the stair rail

If you have stairs, you can always try hanging larger items over them to dry.

11. Install an indoor line

Invest in a retractable line to put up indoors or in your garage. If you're after a cheaper option, you can always try stringing up a line yourself.

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