How often do you clean your kitchen appliances?

How often do you clean your kitchen appliances?

Posted 4th Sep 2018

Do your household appliance cleaning habits leave a bit to be desired?

If so, you're in good company, as it's been revealed Brits will, on average, only clean their refrigerator every 365 days. Next on the list was the washing machine, which, while getting cleaned more regularly, was done every 123 days.

Interestingly (and perhaps shudder-inducingly too), it was found the microwave will only be cleaned every 60 days - or six times a year - with the belief being that if it doesn't look dirty, it doesn’t need to, and subsequently won't, be cleaned.

The survey, conducted by Thomas Sanderson, gave respondents a list of household appliances, and asked them to estimate how long they waited before cleaning them. The least regularly cleaned household appliances were:

1. Refrigerator - every 365 days

2. Washing Machine - every 123 days

3. Oven - every 120 days

4. Freezer - every 105 days

5. Toilet - every 62 days

6. Microwave - every 60 days

7. Sinks - every 30 days

8. Shower / bathtub - every 21 days

9. Toaster - every 14 days

10. Hob - every five days

When asked about their reasons for waiting so long between cleans, respondents said it was because 'the appliances don't look dirty' (59%). Other answers included 'I was waiting for someone else to do it' (49%) and 'I don't have enough time to clean thoroughly' (38%).

Respondents were then asked whether anyone visiting had ever commented on a dirty appliance or item in their house - in answer to this, nearly two thirds (64%) said 'yes'.

Despite people being laid back with their appliance hygiene, 72% said that they judged other people based on the cleanliness of their household appliances.

When homeowners were asked about whether they had ever needed to replace an appliance due to it looking dirty, 39% said they had. The major appliances to be replaced were revealed to be the microwave (32%), toaster (18%) and kettle (13%).

Commenting on it, Sydney Smith, Marketing Manager at Thomas Sanderson, said: "The age-old adage of ‘if it looks clean it is clean’ is obviously a mantra that many live by, but household appliances still need to be cleaned even if they look clean."

"The fact that the average microwave is used for two months between each clean doesn’t make for savoury reading, so it’s no wonder so many have received a negative comment about their house!"

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