Top 10 home hacks for the big freeze

Top 10 home hacks for the big freeze

Posted 23rd Feb 2018

With weather reports issuing several warnings of snow and bitterly cold temperatures, we've teamed up with ENGIE, a leading UK domestic energy company, to bring you some super-easy top tips on saving money in your home through this cold snap! 

1. Service your Boiler

If you haven't done so already, make sure your boiler is working efficiently, and wrap all pipes and your hot water tank – if applicable - in lagging. This will protect pipes from freezing and prevent heat escaping from the tank. If you have an old boiler you may be eligible for a boiler grant under the government’s funded energy efficiency scheme. Check at:


2. Bleed the radiators

Bleeding your radiators removes any air that has got trapped in the system over the summer months, allowing the radiators to fill back up with water.  This will improve heat efficiency, especially if you also install a shelf above the radiator to stop heat escaping upwards.


3. Re-gig your rooms

Large items placed in front of radiators can block heat and prevent warm air reaching the rest of the room. If it isn't possible to re-gig your room, then pull out your sofa and leave a reasonable gap for the hot air to escape.


4. Get familiar with your thermostat

Age UK says the optimum temperature for a living room is 21ºC, but advice from other organisations says 18 degrees is sufficient for younger people. If it gets really cold, set the timer to come on earlier rather than turning it up for a heat boost. This is more efficient and saves money. Remember that turning down the temperature by just 1 degree could save you up to 10 per cent on energy bills according to the Energy Saving Trust. Smart thermostats (which are linked to the internet) can even help you adjust the temperature when you’re out and about.


5. Insulate. Insulate. Insulate.

Insulating your walls and loft is a great and simple way to improve a home’s energy efficiency. If you don’t have any installed already you may be eligible for help to pay for them through the government’s attic room insulation grant or an ECO grant. Check at:


6. Line your curtains

Keep curtains open when the sun is shining to take advantage of natural heat, but close them when it’s dark to keep heat in. A thick lining will increase the amount of heat you can retain too!


7. Get sealing

Sealing the gaps around doors, letterboxes, windows, floors and skirting boards can help prevent cold draughts getting into the home and heat escaping. Using simple draught excluders can help as well.


8. Get economical with your rooms

Don’t waste money on heating empty rooms that you don't use – but make sure no residual heat is escaping.


9. Reflect that heat

Reflect radiator heat back into the room by lining them with heat reflector aluminium foil sheets. This can be especially effective on radiators installed on external walls – don’t let that warm air escape.


10. Switch your energy provider

Many people pay too much for their energy – and switching can be easier than you may think. A recent survey by ENGIE showed that 54% of UK consumers haven’t switched in three years, and yet the average saving made by changing energy provider can be up to £300 per year. 

For more information on saving money and energy in your home, visit

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