10 must-dos when decorating your Christmas tree

10 must-dos when decorating your Christmas tree

Posted 5th Dec 2017

It's that time of year again! Dust off your Christmas jumpers, put the festive tunes on and get decorating that tree with our step-by-step guide to the ultimate Christmas tree 'musts'!


1. Spruce, spruce, spruce! 

Sprucing is the most crucial step on the journey to a perfect natural looking tree. We're all guilty of opening out the branches without any real thought as to how a natural tree would look. Always make sure that you pull the branches out in different directions, some up, some to the side, some off at angles. If you’re struggling to figure it out, google real christmas trees to get an idea of how it should look.


 2. Lighting the tree - cheat! 

Pre-lit trees are great for those who struggle to light their Christmas tree evenly, although admittedly half the fun is detangling the fairy lights, right?! If you don’t have a pre-lit tree, make sure that your string of fairy lights is long enough for your tree. For a perfect tree you need at least 5-10m per 5ft tree. Wind from the top to the bottom, draping over branches - over and under.


3. Choose a colour scheme

This isn’t crucial and we definitely don’t want anyone to throw away their treasured childhood decorations because they don’t fit the colour scheme, perfection is unique to us all! A combination of two to three colours helps to bind the various aspects of the tree together, from the lights to the baubles to beads/tinsel and your topper.  


4. Baubles, Oh Baubles! 

There is a balance to be found when arranging the placement of your baubles and ornaments, try not to place too many large ornaments towards the top of your tree otherwise you may find it looks top-heavy. Smaller, more delicate ornaments are perfect for this. Head to Oh! Baubles to see its fabulous range of decorations that are bound to give you some festive inspiration.

5. Personalise your tree! 

A beautiful tree is ultimately just a beautiful tree, but what makes it truly special is the decorations that you use - some can hold a lifetime of memories, some can make new memories. What makes it special is that it is your tree filled with things that make you smile and feel happy. Plus, don’t forget your pets - they're part of your house too, so get a special decoration just for them.


6. Choose your place

Try to put sparkly/metallic things near fairy light bulbs as they will sparkle and shimmer in the glow of the lights.


7. Get creative

Handmade decorations can really inject personality into your tree. You can get as adventurous as you like, from crocheted ornaments to quilled masterpieces. For novice crafters, try buying 25mm wide organza ribbon and following a YouTube tutorial for bows then dot them around your tree - vintage but classic.

8. Cover up unsightly tree-stumps 

Always use a tree skirt or decoration to cover up the base. This can really make or break a tree!


9. Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail

If you have a fake tree always make sure that you pack your tree away as tidily as you can, this will prolong the life of your tree and ensure it looks great year after year. (This will also help to make it easier to put up, too).


10. Have fun! 

It is Christmas, after all!


To get started on your Christmas decorations, head to Oh! Baubles on Etsy – offering unique, handcrafted gifts and decorations perfect for the festive season. Visit etsy.com/uk for more information.

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