Posted 21st Jul 2017

Maximising space in a small bathroom can be a challenge. You will want your bathroom to be functional and practical, but you’ll also want it to be stylish and beautiful.

The secret to success is all in the planning, and prioritising what is most important to you. So we asked’s interior stylist, Naomi Cheney, for some top-tips on how to maximise your bathroom space without compromising on style.

If you’re looking to make the most of your floor space - perhaps to accommodate bathroom scales, a children’s step or stool, or just a clear floor to make the area feel bigger - opt for wall-mounted units. WCs and basins can be hung on the wall giving the impression of ‘open-plan’ – with the added bonus of being easy to clean underneath. Our Lyon II Wall Hung Toilet and 600mm Denver Gloss Grey Countertop Unit and Colette Basin are great space-saving designs.

Lyon II Wall Hung Toilet

Countertop Unit & Basin

But if you have limited space to move around in, you’ll want to focus on better accessibility. If that’s the case, a cloakroom-style basin unit and flat mirror could be the answer, providing you with more space and also offering some storage.

White Slimline Basin Unit

Hatton Mirror & Shelf

A sink unit with storage beneath such as our White Slimline Basin Unit and a mirror cabinet wall unit like our Hatton Mirror and Shelf will offer somewhere to stash all those bathroom essentials – as the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind.

Walnut Effect Basin Cabinet

Effect Mirror

Our Walnut Effect Basin Cabinet combined with our Walnut Effect Mirror Cabinet is another way to combine space-saving with stylish design. Natural wood effects combined with grey colour palettes are currently one of hottest trends in home design.

The door to your bathroom may also be causing problems. Is it getting in the way of your design ideas and preventing the installation of a bigger bath or extra furniture? If so, you could consider a sliding door or a bi-fold door – remove the door swing (as it takes up extra room as you use it) and the problem disappears.

Small bathrooms often mean that a separate bath and shower are out of the question, but an ‘L’ shaped bath is a great back-up plan. The ‘L’ shape offers more standing space at the shower end, as well as a deep, roomy bath for when you want to lie back and relax.’s Left Hand L-Shaped Bath allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can still enjoy a relaxing bath without having to compromise on shower space.

Bath & Screen

However, if a bath is altogether surplus to requirement, consider turning the space into a wet room. A walk-in shower with full-length screen and floor-to-ceiling tiles will give any home a practical solution with a stylish and contemporary look.

This 800mm – 8mm – Premium Easy Clean Wetroom Panel, is a stunning way to maximise your space while still maintaining a luxurious look.

EasyClean Wetroom Panel

Apart from fixtures and fittings, a well-known, simple trick for creating the illusion of more space is adding mirrors to bounce light around the room. Design-wise, you could also add large, plain wall tiles with a darker tile on the floor to create the impression of more space.

If you’re looking for a mirror that will turn heads, this Cosmic Illuminated LED Mirror comes complete with a demister to ensure it’s free from steam at all times and can even be operated by the wave of a hand thanks to in-built motion sensors.

Cosmic Illuminated LED Mirror

So rest assured, there’s no need to cut back on style when kitting out one of the smallest rooms in the house – you just have to think smart!

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