Floral cushion

Stitch a gorgeous floral cushion for summer

This fun cushion design makes use of a beautiful exclusive illustration which is printed directly onto fabric and decorated with gorgeous stitchwork. Customise your make and and make use of scraps to add appliqué flowers to finish off the design.

You will need:
1m plain calico fabric
freezer paper, £4.49, Amazon
A4 paper
inkjet printer
embroidery hoop
embroidery needle and thread
45cm square cushion pad, £2.99, Dunelm
sewing machine and thread
3m each pink and red ric rac trim
hot glue gun
scraps of green fabric
scraps of floral print cotton
fusible interfacing
1m braided edge trim

1 Prepare your fabric for the printed design. Roughly cut out a piece of calico slightly larger than an A4 sheet of paper, and do the same from a piece of freezer paper. Use a warm iron to adhere the freezer paper to the back of the fabric, coated side down. Lay a sheet of A4 paper over the fabric and draw around it, then cut it out to create an A4 sheet of freezer paper-backed fabric.

2 Download the Floral Cushion design. Print the design onto the A4 fabric sheet. Leave to dry for several minutes then press with a dry, warm iron to set the ink. Peel away the freezer paper.

Step 02

3 Place the printed fabric into an embroidery hoop and use a variety of hand stitches to decorate the design in colours that will complement it. Try not to carry the thread across the back of the fabric too much, instead tie it off each time to secure.

Step 03

4 Cut a 45cm square of calico fabric for the cushion front and set it aside. Using sharp scissors, trim the printed and stitched design down into a circle. Pin this to the centre of the cushion front, then machine top stitch into position around the edge of the circle. Once secure, use a seam ripper to gently fray the edges of the circle.

Step 04

5 Cut two 50cm lengths of red ric rac and intertwine them with each other to make one, double-width length. Starting at one end of the ric rac, coil it around itself, securing with a dab of glue every few centimetres to form a flower bud. Repeat to create several blooms from both red and pink ric rac.

Step 05

6 Cut leaves from scraps of green fabric, and stitch a line down the centre of each to make the central spine of the leaf. Hand stitch these, plus the ric rac blooms, to the cushion front to decorate. Back scraps of floral print cotton with fusible interfacing, then carefully cut out around the flowers and stitch these to the edges of the cushion front, working through the centre of each one, leaving the petals unattached.

7 Lay the cushion front down, with wrong side facing upwards. Pin a 50cm length of braided trim along the top edge, with the braided edge facing inwards – this will ensure the braid sits proud of the cushion when finished. Repeat to pin another 50cm length along the bottom edge. Tack both in place, ready for finishing.

8 Cut two 35cm x 45cm rectangles of calico to create the cushion back. Stitch a 2cm hem along one long edge of each. Lay the cushion front down with right-side facing up, then place the two cushion back pieces on top, overlapping them – this will form the envelope back opening. Pin, then stitch all around the edge of the cushion, leaving a 2cm seam allowance. Turn right-sides out and press, then place the cushion pad inside to finish.

Feature and styling: Sophie Holt
Illustration: Amy Wiseman 
Photography: Lizzie Orme

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