10 Great Ideas for kitchen and bathroom windows from Blinds 2 Go

10 Great Ideas for kitchen and bathroom windows from Blinds 2 Go

Posted 24th Apr 2017

Practicality is the key in both kitchens and bathrooms. There is a constant battle with steam, condensation, food spills and humidity. Blinds 2 Go have 10 great tips to choosing the right blind for these situations:


1. Avoid using real wood

Real wood is best avoided in damp or humid environments as it can stain, warp and even twist over time. There are some fabulous and realistic looking faux wood blinds available which have the look of real wood but are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Faux Wood Impressions venetian blind. Priced from £10.58.


2. Choose a suitable fabric

When choosing a fabric blind, avoid cotton, linen and silk, which can also rot, fade or shrink in moist environments. Instead, more suitable materials are polyester, glass fibre and viscose. There are a variety of unusual and beautiful fabrics suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, which have a far greater longevity than natural materials.

Lunaria Sunflower Roller blind. Priced from £27.45.


3. Blinds vs curtains 

Blinds are a more practical choice than curtains in both kitchens and bathrooms as they can generally be cleaned with a damp cloth and warm soap water without having to be taken down and washed.

Choices Pareco Painterly Blue roller blinds. Priced from £26.75.


4. Roller blinds are best

Any type of blind can be used in bathrooms and kitchens but the popular choice is roller blinds as they can be pulled up, out of the way of splashes and stains and window sill items, whilst still providing shade from the sun as well as privacy. And being bright and colourful, they add an accent colour or pattern into a generally plain environment.

Scion Living Spike Honey roller blind. Priced from £27.45.


5. Blinds for direct sunlight

If your kitchen or bathroom has lots of sunshine or bright light coming through the window then Venetian or Vertical blinds are a good choice as they are excellent at directing away bright sunlight yet still allowing light into the room.

Essence Pillar Box Red venetian blind. Priced from £14.75


6. Blinds for privacy 

If your bathroom or kitchen windows are overlooked, then another option to consider is a Bottom Up blind. Day and Night bottom up roller blinds from Blinds 2 Go are an ideal choice as they keep you and your things private while still allowing light to flood in from the top.

Valencia Bottom Up roller blind in LilyWhite. Priced from £42.95.


7. Other waterproof options

uPVC Shutters are also a great choice for bathrooms as they are waterproof and do not rot, twist or fade like wooden shutters kept in a humid environment. Blinds 2 Go have two great ranges of uPVC shutters which are uniquely constructed from partly recycled composite with a ‘no rust’ aluminium core for extra strength.

Mayfair Pure White Shutters. Priced from £74.95


8. Showerproof blinds

For the ultimate in waterproof and even showerproof window blinds, choose PVC roller blinds. The Splash range from Blinds 2 Go is designed from the ground up as the perfect solution for kitchens, bathrooms and even wet rooms! They are designed for use where the blind is likely to get wet and can even be used right next to the shower.

Splash Marine Life Aqua roller blinds. Priced from £26.05.


9. Blinds for cold rooms 

If your bathroom or kitchen is a particularly cold room or suffers from insulation issues then choosing a Duoshade pleated honeycomb blind to retain the heat is an excellent choice.  The double layer of pleated fabric in a honeycomb pattern traps air between the two layers of the blind and retains the heat in the room as well as reflecting excessive heat.

Duoshade cordless Grey Weave Duo blind. Priced from £17.56.


10. Blinds for room darkening

For the ultimate in privacy and room darkening, choose a roman blind with blackout lining.  This blind is a great choice in a kitchen diner or open plan kitchen where room darkening is required as well as being a great decorative choice in a polyester fabric.

Yoki Sapphire Roman blind with Blackout lining. Priced from £27.25.


All Blinds 2 Go blinds are made to measure and are priced from W40cm x D40cm in the images above.


For further information and inspiration visit www.blinds-2go.co.uk or call 0800 862 0464.


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