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This week's try me is… Gosh Naturally Free-From Burgers

Wellness is about having a healthy body and mind, with more people listening to their bodies and realising that what they eat has a direct impact on how they feel. There is an increased awareness of the effects of the meat industry on the environment, meaning many are choosing to go meat-free. In this modern day of living more kindly with our bodies and the environment, Gosh! are on a mission to bring truly nourishing experiences to as many people as possible, and has unveiled a food range of over 15 plant-based, free-from, all good and no bad products.

There are no nasty preservatives, artificial flavours or dodgy colour enhancers in any Gosh! food and they’re all free-from the top 14 allergens including – cereals containing gluten, nuts, egg, milk and soya. Whether you’re a hardcore Plant-Pusher on a vegan diet, a Toe-Dipper who swaps their regular meat-heavy meals with something plant-based every so often, or a Flexi-Family who wants to consume more nutrient-dense veggies, Gosh! makes food suitable for everyone and it’s all about being kind to yours and everyone else’s body. 

As there are growing numbers of people with food intolerances and specific diet choices, everyone has become increasingly conscious of what constitutes their food, making it more difficult to share or cook meals with friends. Gosh! is about inclusive eating and the range solves this problem of exclusion and encompasses all, so get your friends and family involved and cook up a storm that absolutely everyone can enjoy.

Everyone leads a busy lifestyle these days, which is why convenience is key. The Gosh! range can be enjoyed as a cold on-the-go snack or heated up as part of a delicious and nutritious meal. Starting from just £2.40 the bites, burgers and sausages are the tastiest and healthiest way to eat meat-free. The whole Gosh! range is as transparent as glass with absolutely nothing hidden and everything on show – which is why the range is fully registered by the Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac and Kosher food societies. 

The Gosh! range includes:

Sweet Potato Pakora with Red Pepper

Mediterranean Falafel with Chickpea & Parsley

Beetroot Burgers with a Hint of Mint

Moroccan Spiced Bakes with Red Pepper & Apricot

Mushroom Burger with Lentils & Butter Bean

Spinach & Pine Nut Bites

Sweet Pumpkin & Chilli Bites

Butternut, Tomato & Basil Sausages

Moroccan Spiced Falafel with Red Pepper & Apricot

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Sausages with a hint of chilli & lime

Tuscan Vegetable Bites with Butternut & Spinach

Broad Bean & Quinoa Bites with a Hint of Mint

Original Falafel with Chickpea, Garlic & Parsley

Beetroot Falafel with Red Pepper & Chilli

Moroccan Koftas with Chickpea, Red Pepper & Apricot

Mixed Seed, Quinoa, Carrot & Coriander Bakes with a minted pea centre

Sweetcorn & Quinoa Bites with a hint of Harissa

All our Gosh! products are free from the top 14 allergens including – cereals containing gluten, nuts (including peanuts), egg, milk, soya, celery, mustard, lupin, sesame seeds, sulphites, molluscs, crustaceans, fish.

  • The whole range is vegan and approved by the Vegan Society.
  • None of the Gosh! range contain palm oil.
  • Gosh! is stocked in most major supermarkets.
  • Products are accredited by Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society, Coeliac Society, Kosher Accreditation: KLBD (Kosher London Beth Din) & SKA (Sephardi Kashrut Authority)
  • The trays we use are typically made up of 70% recycled material and we have been awarded the ‘Zero waste to landfill’ recognition. We are also proud to have received a Greener Path Award for ‘Zero Waste to landfill’ issued by ACM Environmental PLC.  This award is to celebrate the great work businesses across the UK are doing in reducing the impact they have on the environment. Gosh! has fully optimised the diversion of waste from landfill and have demonstrated clear further commitments towards the ongoing goal of ‘Zero Landfill’.

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