What technology will we see in the kitchen of tomorrow?

What technology will we see in the kitchen of tomorrow?

Posted 30th Mar 2015


From the microwave to the induction cook-top, the 20th century produced a variety of exciting innovations that revolutionised cooking. What innovations do you think we’ll see in the 21st century? From touch screen stove-tops to intelligent food scales that tell you the nutritional value of the ingredients you’re preparing, find out what technology you’ll see in the kitchen of tomorrow.




Dacor Discovery IQ Range Cooker

The Discovery IQ Range Cooker is an innovative oven from Dacor. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the Discovery IQ can display cooking tutorials using its LCD screen, making the cooking process easy even for new chefs.


With an Android-powered GUI designed by BMW and technology that allows it to be controlled from your smartphone, the Dacor Discovery IQ Range Cooker is arguably the world’s most intelligent oven.




Top Brewer

The Top Brewer simplifies all of your drinks – from coffee and cold milk to water and more – into one single faucet. Controlled from your smartphone, this simple, minimalistic appliance fits into your countertop and dispenses almost anything.


With an elegant look and amazing functionality, the Top Brewer is the ultimate accessory for the kitchen of tomorrow. Pour a glass of water or make the perfect cappuccino, all remotely using your smartphone.




iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

While old-fashioned kitchen thermometers make cooking the perfect steak simple, they’re far from user friendly. Most require you to take food out from the oven and check it manually or use a long cable that clutters your kitchen.


The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer is an amazing device that monitors your food as it cooks and informs you when it’s ready via Bluetooth. Sit back and relax, with your smartphone alerting you as soon as your meal is fully cooked.




Samsung Smart Refrigerator

How smart is your refrigerator? The Samsung Smart Refrigerator features an eight-inch Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen that lets you control everything from the convenient water dispenser to the temperature of the fridge itself.


This innovative refrigerator is designed to connect remotely to Samsung devices so that you can easily monitor and control your fridge from around the house. Set your fridge’s temperature remotely to save energy and make your kitchen greener.




Prep Pad

Can your kitchen scale tell you which foods are healthy and which aren’t? The Prep Pad is an amazing kitchen scale that tells you the nutritional information of the food you’re preparing.


From macronutrient data about carbohydrates, proteins and fats to micronutrient information on vitamins and minerals, the Prep Pad tells you everything you need for a healthy diet without you having to check calories manually.




Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop

Although it hasn’t yet entered production, the Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop is one of the most exciting kitchen innovations in years. This touchscreen stove can display recipes, weather information and more, all while cooking your food.


Place your iPad on the counter and the Whirlpool Touchscreen Stovetop will show its content right next to your frying pan, letting you immediately access recipes and important nutritional information about your meal while you cook.




What would you like to see in the kitchen of the future?

Although kitchens have become significantly more modern over the last century, the basics of cooking haven’t changed all that much. We still cook using steel and copper pans, store our food in refrigerators and cook larger meals using electrical ovens.


What do you think the next big game-changer in kitchen technology will be? From touchscreen stovetops to smart fridges, which of the appliances found in the kitchen of the future do you think will have the biggest impact?



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