Spring ideas from Pyrex

Spring ideas from Pyrex

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Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the tastes of the season and spend time with your family and friends. With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, now is the time to start planning what you will be cooking up for brunch, dinner and dessert. With more than 100 years’ experience in the kitchen, you can trust Pyrex to help you create a plan for an exceptional feast.






Sunny Side Up


A lazy morning, followed by a hearty brunch is always a winning combination. Pyrex Impressions collection is a practical yet stylish option for serving up your favourite recipes, whatever’s on the menu – from a full English style buffet, to individual delights such as the Smoked Salmon Egg Pots we have created in conjunction with British Lion Eggs.

Made from 100% natural stoneware, the Impressions collection is oven proof up to 250°C and available in heritage tones of ice white, deep red and ocean blue – so you can easily find something to match your table décor. In addition, each product is coated in a long lasting glaze which covers the entire product, including the base, giving it superior durability as well as excellent resistance to scratches or stains. There is also an easy grip on each product, which also provides safe handling when presenting it at the table.

Items within the Pyrex Impressions range are priced from £6.49.




PyrexThe Main Event


When it comes to the main element of your feast, if you are planning a roast, Pyrex Asimetria rectangular roasters will provide ample space to bring together lots of delicious flavours.

Asimetria products are designed with busy cooks in mind. The large, grip handle with upwards incline, is supported by two smaller support handle on the each side to make it easy to remove your creations from the oven with just one hand. The collection also includes a square roaster, oval fish and meat roaster an oven tray – as well as a pizza pan for easy Sunday evening dining.

Pyrex Asimetria metal ovenware is priced from £10.99.






PyrexHop Ahead


Creating starters, side dishes and sauces ahead not only saves you time but also helps flavours to infuse even further. The ideal products to help you get ahead are Pyrex Cook & Store borosilicate glass dishes, which are available in a range of sizes for everything from batches of creamy soup to options such as our Baked Peppers served as a starter or side dish.

The dishes are oven proof (without the lid), can be used in the microwave to reheat your pre-prepared recipes and dishwasher safe for an easy clean up. If your creation is frozen, simply defrost the food then place in the microwave with the lid off and voila – a fresh, home cooked meal in minutes.

Items within the Pyrex Cook and Store range are priced from £5.49.





PyrexClassics with a Twist


Pyrex was founded on the creation of it’s now iconic borosilicate glass collection. The glass recipe remains unchanged since its creation more than 100 years ago and offers a solution you can rely on for every mealtime. While glass products may not be your first thought when it comes to sweet baking, it is a versatile option that not only withstands high temperatures, but also allows you to see when the middle of your cake or dessert is baked to perfection.

The Fluted Flan Dish creates an eye catching centrepiece to present to your guests filled with a delicious Lemon and Lime Meringue. But it isn’t just traditional borosilicate glass bakeware which is incredibly useful – a Pyrex casserole dish can be used to create a Hazelnut and Chocolate twist. As glass doesn’t retain any flavours there are no fears about using these products to create a fluffy cake, even after using the product the day before with a strongly flavoured savoury recipe.

Pyrex Classic Glassware range is priced from £2.99.






PyrexStar Bakes


If you are planning a family bake off over the weekend, Pyrex also has a range of Asimetria Metal Bakeware, which features a large grip handle and smaller support handle. Thanks to the lightweight carbon steel material, all Asimetria products are not only non-stick but also allow for even baking and durability.

With a variety of shapes and sizes available, the products can be used for a wide array of sweet treats – including Coconut and Cardamom Sweet Buns, a scrumptious alternative to traditional Hot Cross Buns.

Pyrex Asimetria metal bakeware is priced from £8.49.




Explore the new web shop


To find out more about Pyrex products and shop the whole range, visit www.pyrexuk.com. You can also follow Pyrex on Twitter @PyrexUKOfficial or ‘like’ the Pyrex UK (Official) Facebook page.

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