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Enter Blue Dragon, so the flavours of the Far East can be enjoyed with less than ten minutes’ cooking time

The Asian cuisine specialists have rocked the wok to create an exciting new flavour feast offering an authentic taste of the Far East. Blue Dragon’s new premium range of flavour-filled, ultra convenient Asian frozen recipes are designed to tempt the taste buds of the UK’s adventure-hungry world food explorers. 

Mealtimes are set to become a voyage of discovery for diners looking to combine the true Asian taste experiences of Blue Dragon’s much-loved sauces, with the convenience of a cook-from-frozen option that can be savoured in less than 10 minutes.

Look out for the all-new Blue Dragon selection in the freezer aisles of over 500 Tesco stores from March 2017. The Tesco selection includes four exciting flavour-filled chicken recipes featuring Blue Dragon’s unique blend of Asian spices:

Chicken Chow Mein with egg noodles

Sweet Chilli Chicken with egg Noodles

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with egg fried rice

Sweet & Sour Chicken with egg fried rice

The Blue Dragon brand fuels flavour seekers’ passion for foods that feature the vibrancy and authenticity of modern Asian cuisine with the versatility and convenience demanded by today’s time-pressed lifestyles.  

Available at a £2 price point for a complete meal solution for one, the new Blue Dragon selection offers a premium and ultra-convenient Asian flavour feast, free from artificial flavourings and preservatives.  

Check out the vibrant new Blue Dragon range in store.

May issue on sale 1st April 2017 6 months subscription for only £8

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